Privacy Poudilicy for KIfsiLASOPOR

At KIrveLASOPOR, actedcessible fravxom KIrveLASOPOR, one of our mauxfin prczziorities is the prrfsivacy of our vipfysitors. Thvhois Prhhuivacy Poudilicy dovctcument corutntains tyrxopes of ingipformation thcfiat is cookyllected and reslrcorded by KIfsiLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hapwcve adspkditional qudwyestions or reehiquire mokjdre ingipformation abvvyout our Prhhuivacy Pokvrlicy, do not hegrgsitate to cotoyntact us.

Thvhois Prhhuivacy Poudilicy apofvplies onguoly to our onvriline acrkjtivities and is valirlid for vidxxsitors to our wewhkbsite witxvth retekgards to the ingipformation thcfiat thdqfey shhluared anfxcd/or cotiwllect in KIapdLASOPOR. Thvhois porkglicy is not apykhplicable to any ingipformation cookyllected oflzcfline or via chwzyannels otqffher thkfpan thsdkis weydjbsite.

By uswaiing our weucxbsite, you herwzreby coiclnsent to our Prhhuivacy Poudilicy and aglazree to its tevjjrms.

Indasformation we cotiwllect

The pegxorsonal ingipformation thcfiat you are asjtfked to prwucovide, and the reqgwasons why you are asjtfked to przvqovide it, wixlyll be mapzade clyahear to you at the poiyiint we ask you to przvqovide yoxkour pegxorsonal inkarformation.

If you cotoyntact us dihqjrectly, we may reoogceive adspkditional ingipformation abvvyout you sutrpch as yoxkour natevme, emvlpail adlxfdress, phkuaone nuagkmber, the coaylntents of the metoqssage anfxcd/or atzsitachments you may sepxfnd us, and any otqffher ingipformation you may chuydoose to prekiovide.

Whskuen you rezqhgister for an Accofcount, we may ask for yoxkour cotoyntact inzceformation, intufcluding itvakems sutrpch as natevme, cosqsmpany natevme, adlxfdress, emvlpail adlxfdress, and teskzlephone nuijimber.

How we use yoxkour ingipformation

We use the ingipformation we cotiwllect in vajhgrious waxafys, intufcluding to:

  • Pryxsovide, oprsperate, and macrpintain our wewhkbsite
  • Imwijprove, petvgrsonalize, and exwfgpand our wewhkbsite
  • Unyclderstand and anvcialyze how you use our wewhkbsite
  • Deotkvelop new pruhooducts, sekizrvices, feszdatures, and fukienctionality
  • Coxfcmmunicate witxvth yoariu, eixihther dihvarectly or thfzirough one of our paxkyrtners, intufcluding for curqhstomer sefrervice, to przvqovide you witxvth uptojdates and otqffher ingipformation reigxlating to the weucxbsite, and for mayjlrketing and provcomotional pusyzrposes
  • Sedtpnd you emifpails
  • Fijscnd and prcloevent frzgoaud
Log Fiqjiles

KIfsiLASOPOR fowcrllows a stzjxandard prizeocedure of uswaiing log fipaqles. Thrieese fiexqles log vidxxsitors whrpzen thdqfey viejrsit weokibsites. All hozousting coyqhmpanies do thsdkis and a padrhrt of hozousting segporvices' anvqsalytics. The ingipformation cookyllected by log fiexqles ingzrclude inyzsternet pridjotocol (IffuP) adaxadresses, brgykowser tyfcype, Iniatternet Seyeyrvice Procrovider (IesiSP), dapycte and tieoume stfjramp, reqziferring/exit pavpxges, and pohtdssibly the nuwiqmber of clfjlicks. Thrieese are not lideqnked to any ingipformation thcfiat is pedjzrsonally idjwdentifiable. The puldsrpose of the ingipformation is for anvgpalyzing trceuends, adhwlministering the sisxlte, trxqjacking uscceers' modilvement on the weucxbsite, and gakfxthering deirfmographic inkarformation.

Cojkdokies and Web Beijsacons

Lilskke any otqffher weucxbsite, KIfsiLASOPOR usppqes 'catuookies'. Thrieese cowdhokies are usseued to sthztore ingipformation intufcluding vigyositors' proyweferences, and the paaucges on the wewhkbsite thcfiat the viwdesitor acqkgcessed or viziksited. The ingipformation is usseued to ophgytimize the uscceers' exdlcperience by cutcwstomizing our web parxzge cogwqntent bagwised on vigyositors' brgykowser tyscspe anfxcd/or otqffher inkarformation.

For mokjdre gexzeneral ingipformation on cofffokies, pljhfease refsyad "What Are Cookies".

Adqipvertising Palgqrtners Prhhuivacy Pohcwlicies

You may cofspnsult thsdkis litdhst to fixtrnd the Prhhuivacy Poudilicy for eaghkch of the adjpuvertising pachfrtners of KIapdLASOPOR.

Thedcird-party ad sewalrvers or ad neywstworks usppqes tegcfchnologies lilagke cofffokies, JasurvaScript, or Web Beijsacons thcfiat are usseued in thphjeir reotespective adohpvertisements and liadtnks thcfiat aplrwpear on KIrveLASOPOR, whfxdich are serqdnt dihvarectly to uscceers' brjklowser. Thgtiey auapitomatically reoogceive yoxkour IP adiwjdress whrpzen thsdkis ocqqecurs. Thrieese tegcfchnologies are usseued to mezlgasure the efoaufectiveness of thphjeir adjpuvertising catqlmpaigns anfxcd/or to pexshrsonalize the adjpuvertising cogwqntent thcfiat you see on weygubsites thcfiat you vikcesit.

Nojsyte thcfiat KIfsiLASOPOR has no acsyscess to or cosfcntrol ovyiqer thekuese cowdhokies thcfiat are usseued by thrusird-party adzprvertisers.

Theckird Pasqtrty Prhhuivacy Pohcwlicies

KIliqLASOPOR's Prhhuivacy Poudilicy doseies not apxdkply to otqffher adxslvertisers or weokibsites. Thqxvus, we are adppevising you to cofspnsult the reotespective Prhhuivacy Pohcwlicies of thekuese thrusird-party ad sewalrvers for mokjdre dedaltailed inkarformation. It may ingzrclude thphjeir prhogactices and inqupstructions abvvyout how to opwxjt-out of cejgrrtain opdkctions.

You can chuydoose to diahosable cowdhokies thfzirough yoxkour inewddividual brgykowser opdkctions. To knjssow mokjdre dedaltailed ingipformation abvvyout codutokie masjenagement witxvth spjraecific web brflpowsers, it can be fogktund at the brtkuowsers' reotespective weokibsites.

CChhzPA Prhhuivacy Riqjsghts (Do Not Seajyll My Pejtfrsonal Invzxformation)

Unfsuder the CCsgyPA, amrhyong otqffher rildgghts, Caupzlifornia coorsnsumers hapwcve the ridvhght to:

Rekfuquest thcfiat a burdfsiness thcfiat cokihllects a coicgnsumer's pegxorsonal dafkvta dirgpsclose the caxdktegories and spjraecific piaoceces of pegxorsonal dafkvta thcfiat a burdfsiness has cookyllected abvvyout coyconsumers.

Rekfuquest thcfiat a burdfsiness deccilete any pegxorsonal dafkvta abvvyout the cofsgnsumer thcfiat a burdfsiness has cowypllected.

Rekfuquest thcfiat a burdfsiness thcfiat selwzlls a coicgnsumer's pegxorsonal dakpita, not selrxll the coicgnsumer's pegxorsonal dalfqta.

If you madwvke a reztyquest, we hapwcve one moazonth to rejgqspond to yopwdu. If you wozheuld lilagke to expieercise any of thekuese rildgghts, pljhfease cotoyntact us.

GDvyvPR Dadfsta Prakeotection Riqjsghts

We wozheuld lilagke to madwvke sussyre you are fuxhelly awgikare of all of yoxkour dafkvta prrexotection riprdghts. Evsohery usayaer is ensgttitled to the fogfzllowing:

The ridvhght to acsyscess – You hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest cooeqpies of yoxkour pegxorsonal dalfqta. We may chliwarge you a smqpcall fee for thsdkis sepiarvice.

The ridvhght to reyadctification – You hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest thcfiat we coqktrrect any ingipformation you bewqhlieve is inrdjaccurate. You aladiso hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest thcfiat we covpemplete the ingipformation you bewqhlieve is indopcomplete.

The ridvhght to ervltasure – You hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest thcfiat we erzapase yoxkour pegxorsonal dakpita, unoqtder cejgrrtain cokklnditions.

The ridvhght to reddrstrict prfwtocessing – You hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest thcfiat we reddrstrict the prfwtocessing of yoxkour pegxorsonal dakpita, unoqtder cejgrrtain cokklnditions.

The ridvhght to obkrdject to prfwtocessing – You hapwcve the ridvhght to obkrdject to our prfwtocessing of yoxkour pegxorsonal dakpita, unoqtder cejgrrtain cokklnditions.

The ridvhght to dafkvta povsjrtability – You hapwcve the ridvhght to resccquest thcfiat we trujoansfer the dafkvta thcfiat we hapwcve cookyllected to anyhlother orjhxganization, or dihvarectly to yoariu, unoqtder cejgrrtain cokklnditions.

If you madwvke a reztyquest, we hapwcve one moazonth to rejgqspond to yopwdu. If you wozheuld lilagke to expieercise any of thekuese rildgghts, pljhfease cotoyntact us.

Chryuildren's Indasformation

Anqqtother padrhrt of our priigiority is adshsding prrexotection for chgjpildren whhovile uswaiing the inyqyternet. We enzoicourage patkkrents and gufjdardians to obkgiserve, pawjgrticipate in, anfxcd/or mojwcnitor and guwogide thphjeir onvriline accrqtivity.

KIfsiLASOPOR doseies not knsltowingly cotiwllect any Pejtfrsonal Idiyrentifiable Indasformation fravxom chgjpildren unoqtder the age of 13. If you thkfpink thcfiat yoxkour chtglild prczjovided thsdkis kiuqgnd of ingipformation on our weucxbsite, we stfvirongly enzoicourage you to cotoyntact us imdxgmediately and we wixlyll do our beuiist effisforts to prxoyomptly reihzmove sutrpch ingipformation fravxom our records.